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Daily Create Radio Garden Delights

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Daily Create

Today’s #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3876  #myFest22  is to explore the Radio Garden

Yakima to Toamasina: upbeat vibes, and a face in the Columbia Basin as well as an historic move of 100 buildings in Yakima


My journey started when Radio Garden focused right away on Yakima, WA, Cherry FM, with upbeat songs playing. Yakima could just as easily played Hispanic music or Yakima Tribal music, and I would have enjoyed both.

I also noticed that the town I know as “Union Gap,” as in Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, was the first city called Yakima. But the railroad refused to bring the depot there and through a lot of shenanigans and rather late Supreme Court decision, the town of Yakima moved 100 buildings four miles north and reestablished itself there by the depot and eventually changing its name from “North Yakima” to just “Yakima” with the real Yakima becoming “Union Gap.” [Yakima Herald, November 26, 2017]

While on the map listening, I noticed the “face” in the map of the Columbia Basin, which I drew in for you to enjoy. LOL

I decided to next travel to a place on the opposite side of the earth. To find out what that is I went to Antipode Map, only to find myself the middle of the blue ocean.

But nearby was Madagascar, and so I tried a few stations there and stayed on Redio Vazo Gasy— in Toamasino, the best seaport for the island. They also played upbeat music — the first being a reggae and then a dancing song and then rap.

I was surprised to note that the tiny islands around Madagascar have more radio stations than Madagascar itself.

Give Radio Garden a try and see what you discover.

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