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The Bad Guys

passing through an opening between the trees to a view of the Pacific horizon looking towards the Olympic Peninsula

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’m not feeling well today. Well, as in not hopeful. I see the New York Times “both sides” everything. I see CNN now a right wing spewer of whatever the GOP wants heard. I see right wing billionaires aiding the fascist party. I see the every day man beaten to a pulp by cops while the billionaires destroying our republic get away with it.

I once enjoyed movies, mysteries– where the bad guy gets his due. But it isn’t true, is it?

Only the little guy must follow the laws– and anyone not white gets hurt or killed after submitting to an officer’s orders. It’s not right.

I took a class today from a lovely, intelligent, gentle woman who is as black as night. I loved her eyes and her calm way of presenting. And as I appreciated her beauty inside and out, I could not help but ask, “Why do some people hate you?” I am depressed, and yet I’m not the one demonized.

I’m tired of the chaos. I’m tired of the guns. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of two sets of rules. I’m tired of hearing of the violence against those who are different. I’m tired of a religion based on love but spewing such hate. I’m tired that nothing seems to be moving toward processing legal action against the people who spawned an insurrection and continue to do so to this day. I’m tired of people going through their lives as if this doesn’t matter. I’m tired and sick knowing that the civil rights, the human rights of a civilized society are no longer the way of this country, that humanity is failing. I’m sick and tired that “woke,” that awareness and caring of and for the fragility and commonalities of our human existence — of each of us as individuals and as a society as a whole, is now considered evil. That is evil.

And that’s all taking away from taking care of planet earth. It’s like the billionaires are setting up the world in their global takeover to benefit and preserve their survival while the rest of us peons do their bidding in a disaster-prone existence.

I’m just so tired. I am so afraid for my grandchildren. I have looked since 2016 for an opening that shows we are moving forward together in peace and love, and I see no opening. I see no opening anymore.

I remember this day driving along on the highway, of this picture with trees blocking the view of the ocean and it’s expanse– of Puget Sound to the distant Olympic Peninsula– aware of what’s there– of what’s possible but not able to see it until that opening appeared and I could snap that shot. I saw an opening. I’m not seeing an opening. I see only the closing doors of a now failed democracy– failed from its own citizens gone autocratic to create a government of nepotism, favoritism, bribery, corruption.

“They may like it but the precedents we have to pay attention to is a rule of law, a love of neighbor, and a mutual respect. Otherwise, it’s not going to matter because then we will descend into a state of total warfare all the time.”

~ Jon Meacham, The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle, August 10, 2022, @8:52 PM PDT.
They [Trump supporters who want to break the norms]
it [breaking norms]

The Opening

Passing through with eyes aware
hoping forward, looking onward
through all that funnels us
sensing the opening among the nature
on earth’s immensity
for a horizon that holds
the best of humanity

Sheri Edwards
082222 236.365.22

NOTE: I’m not one for vindictiveness [Like Donald Trump was to Alexander Vindman]. I’m not one for seeing someone locked up forever, or maybe even at all. But there should be consequences and accountability– and a way to stop their madness, chaos, and uncivilized, vengeful, hurtful, discriminating, unChristian ways. They simply have lost the ability to be civil, to have civil conversation and debate, to come to common goals, to compromise, and to bring us all together. In other words, they just want to dominate, not govern, not work together. Such as sad way to live through life. Such as sad way for democracy to die in darkness.

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