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Storms 2022

sunset on farmland and on the massive thundercloud above it

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Sometimes we look up and find ourselves where we are: just bits of the world, small specks much smaller in importance than we loudly proclaim ourselves.

This massive cloud in which lightning sparked from one side to the other dwarfs us. As in the storms of politics and misinformation, we are often in the chaos of winds that want to send us off course.

We, Scott and I, have taken to say, “Life is just one thing after another, and we’re glad we still have that ‘another.'”

And we move on and forward in our belief that we are all in this together, and we will support each other as civilized people do– all of us, even those who would deny many a place on this earth. There is a yin and yang, opposites to make us whole, and we on the left– the progressives– accept one and all. That is the way of moving forward: together.


Storms above us; storms around us;
On we forge with all that binds us.

Sheri Edwards
080622 220.365.22

Only together we will create solutions of respect and dignity towards other and our planet.

We are bound in a world of one planet: it’s all we have. Fear of others and others’ ideas, fear of science and technology, fear of government, fear of working together through compromise, conversation, and civility– all are destroying our ability to live free and move forward together.

And so the storms grow.

“Life is just one thing after another, and we’re glad we still have that ‘another.'”

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