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Daily Create Map Exploration

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Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create is:

#ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3858  #myFest22 —Explore a historical map and imagine what you would be doing in that place or time


My journey through place and time took me from a journey of history of the Pacific Northwest with a map from 1730 of North and Central America-shown on the left.

Then I noticed an icon to find a “roll over” map to see historical maps associated with the time and places of this map. I found one of Great Falls, which my granddaughter just visited last week– and where she visited with us when she was three– but as I rolled over other places, I was fascinated at the New Orleans map which included the plans for the 1884 “World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial” Exposition.

At this point, I hid the map and looked for any of the buildings, but they were auctioned off; now the place is Audubon Park.

What else is there to see? There are plenty of plantation owner mansions, but those do not interest me. What flavor of life exists beyond those relics of the past?

Mardi Gras — most of that is now modernized and commercialized.

But what else is important to the history of New Orleans?


I learned the first and original “Jazzman” was Charles Buddy Bolden. You can see a pic of him in the map. He invented a rhythm that allowed the marching bands of jazz to improvise. Everyone in jazz knows it as “The Big Four.” The second half of the Big Four is derived from subSaharan African music. Download it at the Charles Bolden Wikipedia page here. It changed everything!

A song “King Bolden” is well known for is called “Funky Butt” or “Buddy Boldens Blues.” This is one of the earliest references to the idea of music “funk.”

Bolden’s “Funky Butt” was, as Danny Barker once put it, a reference to the olfactory effect of an auditorium packed full of sweaty people “dancing close together and belly rubbing.”

Wikipedia Buddy Bolden

Now that’s flavor for you!

Funky Butt (I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say) Wynton Marsalis

I wanna bolt and shout
Open the window, let the funk go out
‘Cause I don’t like it no how

So, to honor the backbone of New Orleans history, I’d visit Louis Armstrong Park in the same New Orleans neighborhood to see the Charles Buddy Bolden statue, also an image in the map with credits given to MusikAnimal, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. I’d visit and imagine that funky beat.

And I’d Check out the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park– links below.

JAZZ History Resources:

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