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Daily Create Sana Apertio Amare

pink peony almost fully open

Daily Create

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Devise a Sentiment Flower Name (inspired by @HAKretschmer)

I frequently think on this:

Over the years I have pondered how people in Ireland/England or Israel/Palestine or any of those areas where people hated other people and acted on that with violence. How could this happen for years, even thousands of years– that one people could so hate another group of people?

Now I know: some leader manipulated the majority of people with misinformation and a zeal for creating discord and violence against others — instead of coming to the table and listening, looking to understand, and deciding —- deciding– how to live together in peace.

Because that’s where we are today in the United States. The rhetoric against Democrats and Progressive is just that: misinformation, disinformation, hate-filled words set to divide us.

This is not the way we, the United States, was founded.

Are you disheartened? Listen to your neighbors. Find the common ground. Continue with the true message of love and understanding.

And so, my Daily Create is one of healing:

Paeonia from Paean – healer

sana apertio amare

Heal with opening love

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