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Reigns of Change

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday we passed this where once we had walked. Instead we ventured to Jameson Lake where we realized we had no “Discover Pass” to stay [it’s ordered, not arrived]. We don’t like the “pass” because many people don’t have the funds to pay, and yet the parks are for everyone. I understand we need “upkeep” funds, but parks should be for everyone. So to get around that, people park outside of the park and find different places to fish. One rule creates a ripple effect of other unforeseen problems, which is why we have agencies and departments to monitor and adjust in service for all.

Solutions effective and supportive of all are difficult, which is why we should work together.

Nature, of course, is also change by us and by time.

Reigns of Change

Walk here through the gate
to the past where lava once
flowed, then torn by floods

Eons of change reigned
now barely a rain nurtures
in these changing times.

Sheri Edwards
071022 192.365.22

1228 days of posts in a row

Note: For a deeper dive into these “reigns of change,” see my post: SOL Elemental.

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