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Uplift Good

Photos of deer looking at you, a purple iris, a bull snake, Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River below a blue and cloudy sky

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday on our daily walk we encountered diverse elements of the world. In Cole Park we enjoyed a lovely purple iris blooming in the sun between the clouds. As we continued through the park around the perimeter of the once community swimming pool now filled with sand, a pair of young mule deer wondered what we were doing interrupting their nap. So we wandered instead along the rock wall to avoid them, a rock wall holding up the treed embankment which is also the path of the deer so the soil is soft from their frequent hoof beats stirring up the soil. I walked carefully to keep my balance along the edge of the rock wall and soil leading down the park road to a place we could step off all the while leaving the deer to nap and graze in peace.

“A snake. You stepped on a snake.” Scott called, whipping out his phone. I turned with my phone in hand ready to identify the snake and run or snap a photo. Luckily it was a small bull snake which is welcome since they eat and contain the rattlesnake population. I don’t think I stepped on it, but rather just startled it.

I was not even thinking of “snake” here, but just my balance, and I’m usually the one who spots the snakes. I’ve a pretty good eye on seeing the camouflaged creatures in nature. It was a wake up call to stay alert.

And, of course, we walked down to view the dragons of the Columbia River swirling wildly today as the Grand Coulee Dam releases water to prevent flooding downstream.

All of these are “good” things— even the bull snake. But we all know there are sly snakes that sneak in to break that which is good as much as they disguise themselves with their “snake oil” propaganda. And we are warned about them by the most honored among us, like Judge Luttig. And so my Daily Create today alluded to this fact, that we can choose good. Indeed we must uplift the good. And the good is that which brings us together and stands up for injustice, the “good trouble” as John Lewis inspired — and good of peacemaker as President Jimmy Carter continues to live in his life [same link].

And so, a poem.

Choose Good

In all the world over
We the people know though
That evil’s ways do seep in
And we our love do keep in
Finding good wherever
Uplifting good forever.

Sheri Edwards
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