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Men of Peace

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I wrote a poem for the Daily Create. Today is 2.2.22, a palindrome and some of my friends are writing palindrome poetry to go with this date. I also added the “2” as a heart around two heroes, men of peace, John Lewis and President Jimmy Carter. Both men lived lives of peace and non-violence, seeking justice for all through their peaceful actions.

Books by John Lewis and Jimmy Carter:

Poem for Today

Poem for Palindrome Day: Two Men of Peace on 2.2.22

Men of peace
for life of peaceful actions
actions peaceful of life for
peace of Men

Two: John Lewis and Jimmy Carter

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Sheri Edwards
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Photo for Today:

I share today a photo of what a peaceful protest looks like, this one taking place in Omak, Wa on January 20, 2018 for the many incredulous actions and all of the lies of the former president.

No streets were blocked. No businesses forced to close. Permission obtained. The focus was encouraging justice, promoting democratic voting, and finding peace and civility.

During this protest march, the only obnoxious event was the huge rig with attached Trump and Confederate flags roaring through the protest area, yelling and honking. Much like happens today.

And these same marchers continued their protest through positive actions to endure the right to vote by sending postcards and joining together to promote policies for justice in their local communities.

Request for the Future

It’s time to lift up the peacemakers, like Jimmy Carter and the work of the late John Lewis. Peacemakers like Brene Brown, who instead of adding to the banter towards the disinformation podcaster Joe Rogan and the platform that supports him, Spotify, she reached out to work with Spotify for appropriate changes— not to cancel or ban anyone, but to work towards policies that protect the public and their listeners from misinformation and disinformation. Read her process for peaceful action here.

Perhaps on our social media, we might lift up the peacemakers and help make their journeys the stories of the day in order to bring back civil conversation and discourse along with nonviolent protests when necessary to ensure our democratic republic serves us all. #liftthepeacemakers

Who are the peacemakers in your community?

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