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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday and today my Daily Create became today’s poem. Today, #ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3788 describe the scene from the provided sound. I knew exactly where I’d heard it— In an autumn sunset at the lake. We live where peace and calm can be found most days at three different lakes [reservoirs] within two miles. Beautiful. Unless a storm blows in, stress can be eased away by a walk along a bay. And so, a poem about the sounds in the Daily Create as heard in this image, enhanced by Google Photos into an looking photograph:

Soon Yesterday

Red sky stretching back east
Melting to darkness
With sparkles on the wave’s edge
That slap quietly against ancient rocks,
Retreating in rings softly rippling away
From the granite history
As crows caw to the evening sky,
Their songs of what will soon be yesterday.

Sheri Edwards
052722 148.365.22

1184 days of posts in a row

Note: In the Daily Create, I’m pretty sure the bird song is a crow, which we don’t have here— we get the wonder of ravens who really are delightful to watch. The difference between a raven and crow? Here’s one of many explanations:

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