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Daily Note Daily Create Ingredients

Autumn yellow and green leaves overlooking an ocean bay

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Stacy, Marisa, Autumn, Allison, and I love to stamp and craft. Ashlyn joins in too— she paints in acrylics. Once a year we used to go to Dumas Bay for a three-day art/stamping retreat. The picture above is our view. The retreat included meals, so we could focus on our chatting and creating. A very special time.

Today’s Daily Create — ds106 @ds106dc #tdc3787 – asked what our ingredients were— and I hold on to our past gatherings to keep going in this time of separation and only occasional gatherings. I remembered retreat time and so I created a picture of the four main stampers taken from Allison’s graduation party years ago and added the ingredient label as poetry:

Outline of four young women standing, smiling together and the poem written in the blog post

Ingredients Label

Loved ones
Calm Perseverance

Gather loved ones in laughter and hugs
Plop in a plethora of pleasant
Wrap up in the warmth of relief
Face the cool and calm of a gentle breeze
And ensure all know they are loved.

Sheri Edwards
052622 147.365.22

This year we have two gatherings coming up— if COVID holds as is. Scott and I will be maskng up, and Dillon’s graduation will be outside. Miranda’s wedding— well, we’ll see how we handle that. Perhaps it will be outside too. It’s been a long time— two years ago since we attended Hunter’s graduation— outside. Everyone was very careful. It’s not easy when there’s different belief systems at play, but we’ll work through it carefully. I hope you all are too.

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