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Lacey Reminders

Crocheted doily draped across black office chair— One of my grandmother’s antimacassars - she also crocheted matching ones for the armrests

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today for the Daily Create I thought about something we could create or draw that is reminiscent of something old and not usually part of our life today.

One thing that my mom gave to me are many doilies from our family— crocheted by her mom and grandmother, and my dad’s mom and grandmother. They are old, lacey, and though they look delicate, they are still very much used in my house. I place them under lamps and pictures and vases. I separate glass dishes on the shelves with them to keep the dishes from breaking or chipping. And each time I see these knotted beauties, I consider the hands and then the face of those loved ones— those ancestors— who lived in difficult times themselves and yet found the joy of design in the delicate knotted art of tatting, knitting, and crocheting to create beautiful pieces for their humble homes.

My uncle, now 95, sent me pictures of his mom and dad, my paternal grandparents. And I chose four to share with you so you can see them— and also the lacey doilies and antimacassars that graced the furniture in their home.

In the photo where Grandpa is reading you’ll also see a lovely flowered crocheted piece on the ottoman to keep it clean from his shoes. I imagine he came in from farming, ate, did a bit of carving, and then read himself to sleep.

Click images to enlarge.

And so a poem:

Lacey Reminders

Doilies delicate, tatted or crocheted,
Protecting the finish of furniture, home-made
And on the chairs and sofa, too
Matching pairs in cream or ecru
Dainty, starched, and placed just so
An art of the past seen no more
Tatting, Lace, Doily: named thereafter
And on the back of the couch: antimacassar
Glad am I for these hand-me-downs
Square, star, rectangular, and round
Beneath the plate or lamp or vase
And a soft reminder of a loved one’s face.

Sheri Edwards
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