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Daily Create Invitation to Create

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Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create — #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3784 is to create An Invitation to Create One— to create a Daily Create to add to our dwindling supply. Won’t you help? Here’s my invitation:

I created a new Daily Create and used my example here to invite you to sweeten our supply too! You can do it. Sit back and relax— daydream a new one for us. And once you’ve got the idea, add it to the Add A Daily Create form here.

You’ll be making a lot of fun for everyone! Thank you.

My Submitted Daily Create

My New Daily Create, if accepted is a discovery I made today. I inherited from my mother a ton of doilies— from, I think, both my mom’s side and my dad’s side of the family. I remember them at my Dad’s parents, my paternal grandparents’ house— the doilies on all the furniture— matching sets on the backs of the sofa and chairs and on each arm rest.

Perhaps you’ve seen them in your own grandparents’ homes or in antique stores— the square ones, as opposed to the usually round doilies under vases and centerpieces. Perhaps you’ve wondered about why they are square— or if you’ve seen them on furniture, you wonder, “Why doilies on the sofa?”

I always wondered about it, and today— in searching for doilies in the Creative Commons as a possible Daily Create for us creators to crochet, knit, or draw, I found out why. I followed a link to the Wikipedia article “Antimacassar,” and there in the chair in the image of Lord Mayor’s Parlour Chair, Sheffield Town Hall, Public Domain was the square doily with its appropriate name, “antimacassar.”

Macassar was an oil for “gentlemen” to control their hair in the 1800s to early 1900s— and it left the hair to drip onto the furniture. Oh my! And so the “antimacassar” in crochet or tatting came to be to protect the furniture from that oil!

So, under my lamp on my nightstand is one of my grandmother’s antimacassars, so I draped it over our office chair and snapped a photo so I could use it as an example in the Daily Create I was creating.

Crocheted doily draped across black office chair— One of my grandmother’s antimacassars - she also crocheted  matching ones for the armrests

Then I began to add to the Daily Create supply with this Daily Create which I submitted here “Add to the Daily Create” —


[Image of my grandmother’s antimacassar]

Design an antimacassar — what design would fit your chair? — or design for someone else, with the chair. 

You’ve probably seen these in antique stores or your grandma or great-grandma’s house and wondered, “What are these for?”

Protection, but originally from macassar hair oil: Oh those oils: history of antimacassar…

A Design Example

@grammasheri submitted Daily Create

Here’s my design, which you can now see as remixed into today’s invitation to add your own idea for fun remix to the Daily Create. I think I’ll use it also for my MayDoodle today. 🙂

Black office chair with digital yellow flowered antimacassar draping over the top

And, should you choose to create your own antimacassar, here’s a public domain image of the office chair.

Now what will you “Add to the Daily Create” ?

My Submitted Daily Create No. 2

I noticed the blank walls behind our chair— we had to empty the area for new windows and siding— all the pounding might knock the pictures down. So I created a new chair picture with empty wallpapered walls:

The chair in front of wallpaper: Public Domain CC0

And added some art:

And submitted another Daily Create:

Fill This Wall with Art

What’s with the blank walls? Add some art— which would you choose?

The chair in front of wallpaper: Public Domain

Wall Art Example


See? You can “Add to the Daily Create” too !

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