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Daily Create Meme Tu QuoQue 

Daily Create Meme Tu QuoQue

Today’s Daily Create – #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3783 – asked us to create a Meme: I would do anything for love — but what we wouldn’t do for love.

I checked and my friends already remixed with my idea at the meme generator. So I had to wonder what other issues with today’s liars and distractors exist that I will no longer follow? Ah, the favorite of the GOP: what-about-ism. They always say, “What about….?” and it’s a complete distraction against the topic discussed, and it is disgusting.

What is “whataboutism?” Some resources, so you can ignore them:

So, I would do anything for love — Except listen to a Tu quoque fallacy, a “whataboutism” distraction

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