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Daily Create Sketched View

Daily Create

#ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3768 Sketch your point of view

In our cottage…

In front of me…lovely bay window on the right, peripheral view


Our cottage is small, so our “work from home” means an office living room. The TV is rarely on, and the light from the bay window brightens any day— summer or winter. On the left behind me are three bookcases in a row— filled to the brim, like our coffee every morning as we sit and sip on the couch and read or draw to start the day.

And I had to include the three frogs, the cute little memories of the three oldest granddaughters from whom the frogs, and we, always waited for their chatter and laughter. And Melvina’s postcard sits on the shelf as well, a joyful reminder of one of my CLmooc friends.

One thing I did not add is the “Bear Chair.” I could not quite get that perspective and detail into this picture. It sits on the left side of the fireplace. So here it is:

It’s my “retirement” chair, refurbished by my colleague’s wife for my retirement. It’s one of the rescued rolling chairs I saved for myself and my students so we wouldn’t have to sit on those hard school chairs. They had been in the library and were replaced, headed out the door, which seemed a waste. Luckily, I was at school that summer or early fall day and was able to roll them right into my classroom. 🙂

So when I retired, Dave, our custodian and my friend, asked his wife to reupholster one and embroider the words that adorned my outer classroom door, “Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness.” I love it! Such a kind gift from a kind couple.

It’s always in the living room— so many memories of school days and the chats with Dave. It always holds a few bears — a welcome to any children that used to enter our house before COVID. The chair and the bear are waiting.

The little brown bear is the our wild cat’s bear— well used for practice.

A view of a slice of my life.

A tinted clip with added flourishes of my outside classroom door

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