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More Than One

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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create introduced me to an new word— trigonous, meaning three angles or corners— used especially in botany to describe stems and seeds.

In my Daily Create I considered the seed of an idea— the idea of a heart, which has two halves but also three sides, which we don’t usually consider. And that led to the idea that there is always more to the story, more than one or two or three sides to a story. I learned that quickly in teaching— digging deeper into a conflict finds not only the seed of the conflict but also the seed of a solution. It takes time.

And in today’s world of always flowing media— response after response— there are not just two sides. There are nuances, confusions, and solutions for those who take the time to want to find the common ground.

I actually wrote two unfinished poems, but returned to the Daily Create poem/response and revised that because that’s the story for today: our stories are more than one side and our stories gather the hearts of many into our own. We’ve a need to seed our hearts again with love and care.

More Than One

Always more sides to the story
More seeds to sprout a start
A start that seeds understanding
A seed to see the heart
A heart of songs that are ringing
Of stories yet to reach out
A trio of voices singing
Of stories scattered about
One a lament to the story lost
Two a rejoice of this story’s finding
And the third a thanks for those reminding
Our stories share more than one heart.

Sheri Edwards
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1143 days of posts in a row

For a bit on the writing process, see What Else More Than One

Note: the image is from a past post: Day 388: Valentine

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