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Daily Create A Room that Changes

Daily Create

#ds106 Daily Create @ds106dc #tdc3694 The Room That Changes

The image above is a camouflaged chameleon, hiding in plain sight [A Daily Create from last March]. That’s a bit like today’s Daily Create where things in plain sight change without notice. Take a try:

Watch this video before checking my answer. The room changes— how many can you spot on your first try?

How many changes will you spot the first time?

Not wanting to give it away, my answer is here: What I Saw Change


So, you know those scary movie scenes where someone is hiding in the shadows and you think, “but in real life you’d see them?” Well, you wouldn’t.

And also, before you pull out in that traffic, please check again. We only see what we expect or want to see.

We see what we want to see or what we expect to see [Poem: Optics].

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