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I Feel the Chill

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today, again, I read the news of the convoy in Ottawa. It’s no longer a protest– it’s an attack on civil discourse.

It’s a bunch of bullies who deny science and who think “freedom” comes with no responsibility. They feel no responsibility to society to understand science and help others remain safe during a health crisis and pandemic. It’s a “me right” and “We’ll use our big trucks [or guns or T flags]” to make the majority bow to our beliefs. We will blare our horns and block your streets and show how mighty we are.

I remember when protests were truly about freedoms. It’s not a boycott against a discriminating system. They aren’t demonstrating and organizing at the instigators of an immoral war.

It’s not about a “mandate:” if they were vaccinated, the mandate would not affect them. They simply deny science and their responsibility to others.

This isn’t a protest about freedom: it’s an occupation to infringe on everyone else’s rights to live in a free and democratic society– with a responsibility and process for discourse [and protest] to develop policies that help all of us thrive.

It’s an occupation of everyone else’s public spaces and living areas, denying everyone else’s freedom to live and work .

I’d like to think years from now those who survive the pandemic will look at these people and wonder, “How could they be so selfish? How could anyone this obnoxious get votes?”

But the sad thing is– their bullying, “my rights are more important than yours,” anti-dialogue divisive rhetoric may just bring authoritarian mandates and dictatorships to be the norm. And the history will be erased.

They aren’t fighting for the rights of everyone– only their own deluded, specious vision of the world.

Remember, they have always been here– they are our neighbors and community members. In a free and liberal society, different views are accepted and welcomed to help society. So people with these ideas have always had a voice and places to live their beliefs, but now they will not allow anyone else to have other beliefs, and they do it this way: loud, obnoxious, rude bullying with big trucks, boats, tractors, and guns.

I thought we, as humans, had evolved into a thoughtful and accepting society where words and caring for each other thrived.

These right-wing manipulators send a chill over the course of human rights and represent a loss of dignity and integrity.

I found this photo of a grey and cold day where everything is frozen, static, and ungrowing. I can’t see the light of spring or the new sprouts that could grow when the cold melts and brings nourishment to the new sprouts of life. No, a glacier of coercion threatens us. We’ve frozen our ability to listen and support one another’s rights.

Instead, I feel like this frozen image: chilling. Yes, chilled to the bone and disillusioned with our ability as humans to help one another and work together.

I feel the chill. Do you?

I feel the chill

Heavy and constant
Cold and frozen

Clouded and blurry
Specious vision

Sheri Edwards
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Photo: Jan, 2017

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