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Rippled World

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I can’t even talk about it. I’m just so disillusioned with the human race. On the one hand some scream about “free speech” of that podcaster of misinformation and “cancel culture” while the same group of people cancel the votes of millions with new anti-voting laws and prevent knowledge gleaned from books by banning them. It’s the strategy of the evil: call those trying to help to be doing what the evil one is doing. They want to spread lies and engage.

And it should be noted that all the protesting is about misinformation— not stopping the man’s free speech.

But we walk away and continue the good fight, the good trouble and keep stating the truth: about helping others, loving your neighbor, establishing policies that help everyone, promoting equality, sharing truth, ensuring voting rights, improving health care for all, accepting science, understanding disease [and so socially distance, wear a mask, vaccinate].

We will keep walking. We, the majority, a wave of democratic supporters of freedom. Not the fake and nonsensical freedom demands from obviously important health care: vaccines and masks. No, we support freedom from an immoral war by immoral leaders [Vietnam], freedom of the press, freedom of speech [no book banning but also fighting disinformation], freedom of and from religion, freedom to gather, freedom to protest for that which is important to all– like civil rights. Those are worth our walking in waves to protest those now wanting to undermine our democracy.

Yes, there is a “right wing” wave of misinformation and disinformation– a wave that divides constantly.

Me, I’m looking for the peacemakers. Those not attempting to be “bipartisan,” but rather searching for what helps the public good through common ground.

I found one peacemaker in this podcast story– that of Brene Brown, who explained her pause in her podcasts on the same platform with how she reached out to find that common ground. Instead of alienating everyone with memes and lies, she sought truths and a way to change the platform in ways that help everyone.

Our world is full of cross-waves, ripples of resentment, but we must move forward together in waves of hope.

It’s a rippled world. And so, a poem.

Rippled World

Waves of the ocean
Waves of the air
Waves of action

Waves leave ripples
Seen and unseen
Some for good
Some obscene.

Ruffling the surface
Changing the sheen
Rise for the good?
Or fall with the mean?

Refreshing the world
Benefiting all?
Or depressing with lies
and society’s fall?

Sheri Edwards
020422 035.365.22

Photo: Somewhere in Puget Sound, July 31st, 2015

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