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Daily Create Trio Again

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3644 ] is another reflection / redo of three most responded to daily creates: #tdc3644 #ds106 Countdown to 10 Years of the Daily Create: 7th, 6th, and 5th Most Responded Ones. Click to #tdc3644 for links to original Daily Creates.

Number 7

#tdc3644 #ds106 Countdown Number 7 @ds106dc #tdc1 Create a photograph that features a repeating pattern

I chose the pattern above, a repeating woven part of a larger room divider from the clinic— delightful architectural design I’ve written about before


Number 6

#tdc3644 #ds106 Countdown Number 6 @ds106dc #tdc1647 C64Yourself

I chose to Retro our cat as she does this almost every time we eat apples, which is most mornings with breakfast. Here she is —Begging for Apples. Retro means a photo with added effects of old computer screen lines, dotted screens, and televisions of old days. I created this following this article from BeFunky in the web version of BeFunky. Thanks to @cogdog for the link in the DC 1647.

Number 5

#tdc3644 #ds106 Countdown Number 5 @ds106dc #tdc1612 Sharing Happiness

I chose three things my husband does with and for me— lovely outings for walking and photo inspirations, delicious breakfasts, and a perfect gift, which is holding the happy-giving postcards from CLmooc friends.

@culestar @xcoto #clmooc Thank for the sunshine even in winter from the many ways of giving


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