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Day 659 We Give Light

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

On January 1, 2021 I set this goal for myself—To share a photo and write a poem each day of the year. I am delighted to say I am still here, and I have attained my goal of 365 photos and poems shared on this blog and on another See-Frame-Focus blog. I actually wrote more than 365, so the ones for my goal are found in category Remember the Moments and another tag includes all the poems written this year, Poetry21.

Yes, each day my husband and I say to each other, “We’re still here.” We are never sure, given our age and health, if we will continue. But he still stays home while also being the publisher/editor of The Star Newspaper in Grand Coulee, Wa.

It’s not easy these days to bring the truth and a hope for a better tomorrow in a conservative small town where the people are caring and kind to one another while also sometimes holding mis- and disinformation as truth. I love my husband for all he does to bring truths to light.

He keeps me balanced as I tend to see things in black and white, and I find many people these days following a path of exclusion and fear, rather than one of inclusion and hope— of working together, to find common ground and care for one another, despite differences. Live and let live.

All my life I’ve loved art and writing, and now in my retirement I am attempting to learn the art of art, of which I have little natural talent. Yet, I try. I practice. I listen. I learn. I am delighted to still be here to do so.

Both of us miss our families. Because of Covid, we’re staying home. We may gather when the weather clears with precautions— but it’s not easy for so many people to agree on what those precautions are. Sigh. I think we must wait until Spring, for an outside gathering, which hopefully by spring will continue to be safer than an inside gathering.

So, we’re still here. If you’re reading this: I’m glad you are still here, and I wish you a healthy and happy new year. Do take care, and share the light of hope through your words and wishes and waves to friends. Be safe out there.

Two final poems for the year, placed on a sunset photo around Banks Lake in 2015.

We Give Light

In our smiling eyes—
Behind our protecting masks
Caring for our neighbors
And even for the strangers
In these darkened days
When some of harsher ways
Give care of all no sway
With faces full in sight—
In our smiling eyes—
We give light.

Sheri Edwards
123121 36536521
Banks Lake, 2015

We Give Light

Though the world seems dim
As the night rolls in
Rays of sun stay in sight
Shining to us: we give light.

We give light in our songs
In the calls that last so long
Sharing little daily delights
In these to others, we give light.

In eyes that smile behind the masks
We nod to others as we pass
A gift of care to ease the fright
In these small ways, we give light.

Sheri Edwards
123121 36536521
Banks Lake, 2015

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