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NovDoodle Angie, Confident

November Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. During November, my doodles will usually be from the writing for National Novel Writing Month: NaNoWriMo.

This year, my story So Says the River continues as the characters search for the dragons that help keep the balance among the many worlds. A new sighting and event had occurred, but what does it mean?


I pulled a fresh tunic and vest out of my drawer for today, both in a light purple, to honor the journey in the twilight and the experience it gave, that, according to Grandma Rose, was one I was supposed to take.

“So— it’s not my fault. It’s my story.” I thought. “And my story has not ended. I’ve still work to do.”

I noticed the little box for my pouch and opened it. There, inside, I found it carefully tucked away, refilled. I pulled it out and opened it to check what was inside. Yes, more Junegrass. I attached it to my waistband, pulled my satchel crossed over my shoulder from left to right, tapping the nexus on the front flap, and adjusted the button on my tunic, it’s two petals sparkling a moment to let me know my little blue pixies still followed me. I was ready to meet with Olivia.

As I wandered through the maze that is the Archives, I frowned at the dreariness of its gray-green hallways, though a few areas included a bit of light in a tiled outline of certain sections of the wall. But I could tell when I was close to Olivia’s office: the darkness appeared again like a storm cloud’s slow approach on November days.

Excerpt From
So Says the River E2 /So Says the Dragon
Sheri Edwards
This material is protected by copyright.

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