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Majestic Blue, Ancient and New

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. A drive in days before on the Waterville Plateau will find you here in the land of ancient history, where glaciers brought fertile land and intriguing landforms. The picture, taken near Mansfield, WA, shows the rich farmland of wind blown glacial dust and the once flowing rivers evident in the meandering eskers that border the fields. Learn more here:

Majestic Blue, Ancient and New

Majestic blue of our expansive sky

Filled with streams of moisture,

Puffs of white we watch float by—

On its currents of air that once saw,

Carried by wind off the glaciers

Of ancient times


Dust that settled and settled and settled

As our rich and thick crop land

Amid the remnants of rivers

Rambling in and on those glaciers,

That finally rest as meandering ridges,

Boundaries of our fields that feed us

On what was carried ages ago

On currents of air that no one saw

Settle and settle and settle,

Beneath ancient majestic blue.

Sheri Edwards
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