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Day 549 Daily Create Poetry Reading

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3531 ]

#tdc3531 #ds106 Poetry Reading

I chose my favorite poem, Wardance Soup by Nez Perce poet Phil George. It’s heartfelt memory of an elder through continuing a traditional custom of making wardance soup reminds us of that we can remember and that which is only a memory.

A Reading of Wardance Soup

About Phil George

Phil George grew up in this community and his poetry is has been honored in many places. Please read about him in this article in The Lewiston Tribune: Phil George. The poems may be found in several anthologies, including

Voices of the Rainbow: Contemporary Poetry by Native Americans

Kenneth Rosen – January 1, 2012
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. – Publisher

Poetry Power– Ideas based on the power of Phil George’s Poetry

Wardance Soup is one of the poems I carry in my pocket each year for Poem in My Pocket Day which I write about here along with a “lifted line” poem from my favorites, including this one.

Because I love this poem so much, I wrote another poetry idea using it as a model for my own poem as I reviewed all my favorite poems for their Word Power here.

Please take a look at these posts for poetry ideas for your classroom to help students see the beauty around them can be theirs in written in phrases that emulate the emotions, memories, and descriptions of moments in time and memory.

Process for Project

To create my Slide honoring Phil George, I worked through this process:

  • I had already created and so adapted the image/poem in Keynote with a photo from our school’s Native American foyer and hallway to the gym and exported it as jpg.
  • Insert the image into Google Slides and add the text and links.
  • Create the audio file with Quick Time audio recording
  • Open that file in GarageBand to export as an mp3.
  • Upload that to Google Drive and changed sharing to anyone with a link, placing it into an Audio Public folder for any others I may create
  • In the Google Slide, go to Insert → Audio and choose the appropriate file
  • Create a QR code using the method shared by Alice Keeler here: Omnibox Three Dots
  • Add the QR code to the slides
  • Add the QR code to the jpg in Keynote and exported as a new jpg to tweet to the #tdc3531 #ds106 Poetry Reading Daily Create
  • Tweet by @grammasheri to honor Phil George’s poem Wardance Soup

Apps used:

  • Keynote — create images
  • Quick Time– audio
  • GarageBand– convert audio to mp3
  • Google Slides– for easy sharing of links, audio, images
  • Google Drive– for audio storage/sharing
  • Google Chrome– for QR code
  • DS106 Daily Create generator — for prompt
  • Twitter — for sharing

Thank you– share your own

I hope you enjoyed this poem and its beautiful meaning with resulting lessons, and the process for creating my honor slide for Phil George’s work.

Who could you honor with a reading and information to spread the good words?

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