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Day 538 Spadefoot

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create is what an Amazon Echo might look like in something around your house– and I spotted this ceramic toad I made in the 70s. Funny, the silly things we used to create, but I do like toads– I think they are fascinating.

So I looked up the kind of toads we might find in our area and I discovered the Great Basic spadefoot toad is the most prominent in our dry area and wrote a poem about its characteristics. For a look at a real one:


Rotund bug eater, 

hind toe a spade, rock disguise, 

hiding in the grass, 

unseen, we wander right by 

this small ground burrowing toad

Sheri Edwards  
090121   24436521  

Post 916 days in a row

For more on the Daily Create, and a great toad tune, see today’s post here.

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