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Day 537 AugustDoodle Plants and Fish

August Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. August’s  prompts are from Rachelle at Tinkerlab   — #tinkerlab and @bydawnnicole Lettering and Doodle Challenge and #doodlewashAugust2021

Today the prompt is #tinkerlab “plants” so enjoy a new periwinkle pattern as an apron! I loved creating this to go along with my other periwinkle pattern. I needed to rearrange the base pattern because I’d always be a pixel off so the pattern would not work. It took a while to figure that out and then to move the pattern into a pattern format without losing a pixel. If a pattern is moved in one pixel off, the pattern won’t fit together and you would see a line. Finally, I got it to work. Procreate can be a bit tricky that way when drawing and creating patterns.

#AugustDoodle  #clmooc  #plants #warmup4art #tinkerlab #periwinkle

And the Daily Create today is malaphors and this is too funny, as well as meeting the #bubbles prompt for #doodlewashAugust2021 ! But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, if you missed the Daily Create post. I hope it brings some humor to your day. By the way, a malaphor is a combination of two metaphors, rather a misplaced mixed metaphor. Enjoy.

This one combines “fit as a fiddle” with “fish out of water.”

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