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Day 426 Daily Create Manifesto

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3409] is to write a manifesto for the month. I’ve some important ones:


Thank Scott every day, because.

Send postcards to spread joy to others.

Enjoy a walk or two outside every day with an eye to seeing and sharing the wonder around me.

Create something every day.

Let go what I can’t change.


Scott: I do thank Scott every day, especially since he almost always cooks us breakfast. I love that and him. And, he helps me stay focused and positive when the rw stuff overwhelms my hope.

Postcards: I haven’t sent out postcards since December, and the reason is I’ve been in a funky, yucky slump, sort of an artist’s block and writing block combined. So I hope this will get me out of that slump.

Walk: Two walks a day are a goal, but sometimes I’m just too tired. Today, the CDC announced that those who are fully vaccinated can go most anywhere without masks. So today was the first time we walked around the neighborhood without bringing a mask. I’m still uncomfortable about it because I live in an area where people are conspiracy followers, don’t follow the guidelines anyway, or don’t get vaccinated. As a high risk person, I’m still leery about being around many of the people in my community.

Create: I do create every day and want to continue that since it also includes sharing and caring about others.

Let Go: I’m a worry wart– I care about our world and all people; I’m not happy about the current conservative movement, which, to me, is not the “family values” or “Christian ethos” they claim to follow. I have to let it go when there’s nothing for me to do, but stand up when there is.

What about you– what five things would you want for yourself for a month or more?

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