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Day 399 Power Of Words

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. In today’s Daily Create, we were asked to write an elevenie poem about a cow, which I did and noted that the poem represents a change in my attitude toward cows because of the delightful writing of a former student during our class writing, probably for “Slice of Life.” Slice of Life is sponsored in March for students by The Two Writing Teachers. Slice of Life is also a “Tuesday” thing for bloggers and writers, and in my class that concept was part of our writing routines. Slice of Life– writing about a moment in time with such clarity that others can envision and experience that moment with you. The month of March it was our focus; Tuesdays were Slice of Life days; and since “writing everyday” was part of the class, students could choose that during our journal/daily writing.

A Delightful Slice of Life

One day, while reading the journals after school, I was delighted with one fifth graders story about hiking with her siblings in the woods, and discovering the meadow filled with cows. Her description of the friendly giants with their kind brown eyes and velvety fur munching away in the meadow completely changed my mind about cows.

Before that moment, whenever I’d see a cow, I’d think or say, “I’m glad I’m not a cow.” I had no appreciation for their grandness until I read Destiny’s Slice of Life on a surprise encounter with a cow.

So, when asked to write a poem about a cow, my perspective is one of a grand and regal giant, a friend in the meadow:

I thank Destiny, now an adult, for once again at that moment showing the power of words, which is my poem for today.

[Note: And a PS for teachers: Let them write! ]

Power of Words

A drive today for the face of a cow
a memory that resonates now;

Long ago a student in her journal writing
of a hike with friends a tale inviting

As the woods opened to sunny skies
Their laughter stops at a surprise

A grazing cow slowly turns to see
with kind brown eyes the sound of their glee

velvety fur on a large frame—
a giant, seemingly tame

turns away for more green delights
and the kids slip away out of sight;

these she wrote in her journal back then
describing the creature as a friend

with words so clear of the gentle giant
that my perceptions of “cow” changed that instant

appreciating through a young girl’s words
what I, an adult, missed of this world;

So today we drive, my husband and me,
he so sweet indulging my needs

for a cow photograph to remember the moments
through picture and poems I note the remembrance—

Of the power in our words we speak and write
To change minds with new insights.

Sheri Edwards
041621 10636521

Getting the Photo

I asked my husband if our walk today could be while driving to find a brown cow for my photograph and poem today; he, being my best friend, agreed to the task.

The quest was successful and magnificent. Not only did we find a brown cow, but black and white and all black cows– I do not know the breeds. And we observed the following creatures:

  • quail
  • pheasant
  • turkey
  • red-tail hawk
  • meadowlark
  • mule deer
  • horses
  • ranch dog
  • coyote

Luckily, we did NOT see rattlesnakes or cougars, but we could have.

Besides the sagebrush and bunch grasses, we also found arrowleaf balsamroot [sunflowers] and phlox.


This poor cow, Eleven, had climbed through a broken fence and was on the wrong side of the fence and cattle guard, unable to find her way back inside.

And on our way home, we scared off a coyote hanging around the area of new calves. So when we returned home, we called a friend who lives in that part of the prairie to see if they could help us warn the rancher. The phone call was a success, so Eleven –how ironic and serendipity that today’s elevenie included helping an “Eleven”– will be saved and the calves safe for today.

It was a beautiful drive and walk, and this gallery will take you with us:

Sheri Edwards View All

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