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Day 399 Daily Create Elevenie

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3382] to write an “elevenie” about a cow.

You might wonder about cows, and you’ll need to check out the DS106 for more on their version, but for me, it’s a mind-changing event, the result of a student’s writing in which she has a surprise encounter with a cow while hiking with her friends and siblings in the hills and meadows around her remote town. In her writing she described the kind eyes, the velvety fur, and lovely, rich brown of the sweet creature munching away in the meadow.

For me, that completely changed my mind about cows, about which I used to always say upon seeing a cow, “I’m glad I’m not a cow.” Now, I understand their beauty, their regal stance in their world– through the eyes of a bright young girl’s writings. Thank you, Destiny.

And a PS for teachers: Let them write!

More to the story: Power of Words — and meet a “real” elevenie cow and her story!

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