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Day 382 Daily Create : My Makes

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3365] is to share your makes- the creativity of you.

So I snapped a picture of my art– watercolor and digital, a poem, and the print on demand items made from my art: journal, blanket, blouse, apron, couch cover, towel. How wonderful that the art I create can live on in my prints. Links to my art are here on my art blog: I Wonder, If I draw a line.

If you have a thought for something like photography, writing, art– give it a try. Imagine it. Sketch it. Revise it. Have a go at making it. Leave it a while. Learn a bit. Go back to it and remix it– creativity is in the actions on our imaginings, and you can do it, one step at a time. And share!


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