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Day 371 Daily Create N+7 Poems

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3354] is to remix a poem in the N+7 style, which means every noun is replaced by the noun that is seven entries below the originals place in the dictionary.

Now, who has a dictionary laying around anymore? Certainly not me. Fortunately, my friend Sarah wrote a blog post about this Daily Create in 2018 which included a link to an N+7 generator, thus saving the day!

I was able to continue the St Patrick’s Day flow with an Edward Lear limerick, one I laughed at so much as child whose mother had purchased DoubleDay Book Club children’s poetry books for her– I chose There Was An Old Man With A Beard.

I found a poem I’d written:

Pinewood by Sheri Edwards on 04.29.2017 and so applied the N+7 Generator to it.

It’s ridiculous, and I can only image this was invented by poets sitting around a table, sipping wine, and recreating their poems as jokes to pass the time. I am wrong, however. This poetic form was invented in 1960 to connect poetry and mathematics. Ha. You can read about this invention at the Academy of Poets here.

Note: Click the images for a larger view.

Sheri Edwards View All

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