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Day 369 Red-Breasted Robinsaurus Egg

Red-breasted Robinsaurus

I found it.

There in the old winter leaves

down by Fiddle Creek.

Bright blue.

One dinosaur egg

left in the rock nest.

Stay away.

See there— the shadow of the neck

across the bluebell lined creek—

The mother

of the red-breasted robinsaurus

hovering above her nest.

The legend

Hear its tale in the awakening waters

down in Fiddle Creek.

Sheri Edwards
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Poetry / Photography

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Every day I’ve been taking a picture of this HUGE egg I found down in Fiddle Creek. It’s bright blue and it sure looks like an egg– a huge dinosaur egg, I’m sure.

And if it’s a blue egg, it must be a red-breasted dinosaur! So I name it now: a red-breasted robinsaurus lives in Fiddle Creek.

See the boulder rocks around it– I think that’s the nest surrounding it for protection.

That’s what I surmised just as I noticed the long shadow of the robinsaurus’s neck flowing across the width of the gully in which the creek flows. See it there? With the bluebells?

I just backed away. I didn’t even look up. Nope. I just left, and you better too– who knows how long they’ve chosen to stay.

Be ware of the red-breasted robinsaurus of Fiddle Creek!


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