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Day 362 Thank You Essentials

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today, Day 362 of staying home except for doctor or dentist appointments, I entered a grocery store with a pharmacy for my Covid vaccination. The first time in 362 days.

And, as I walked by the produce, amazed that in all this year of darkness, that we Americans still have the essentials and more for sustaining our needs. And the reason we have full stores? Behind the scenes, all along the line all the back to the seeds of the peppers, we have essential workers who have continued to work to keep American going.

A simple thank you seems so little, but Thank You!

Thank You To The Essentials

To all the workers 

behind the scenes, we thank you

and your families.

Sheri Edwards
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Poetry / Photography

And, I support the fight for a $15 / hour minimum wage. Please join the fight— they are America.

Information: Economic Policy Institute

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