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Day 322 Journal

Daily Notes

A Daily Challenge to myself: a photograph and poetry.  Today, as I wrote the post for my daily doodle, I was reminded of a quote I knew I had written down in a journal from the 1970s– a quote about a wildflower, the content of which would fit the conundrum I had for choosing the topic for the prompt, “My Passion,” which you can read.

But the important thing is, I had the context around which to write, based on a quote I loved from when I was in my twenties– a quote whose author was from such a different time [1845], but which spoke loudly to me as a young mother. Just think, that at the time in the 70s, there was no internet, no Google Search– the quote came to me in a reading– a physical magazine or book or journal. I held it in my hand my and it touched my heart so I wrote it down, along with many other quotes that seemed to guide me and learnings from my family.

Yet, today, I could research that quote and find more about the author and more about the author’s import and effects through an internet search that found a wealth of information and, yes, confirmed, that the quote was indeed as lovely today as it was in 1970 and in 1845. For that information, read my prior post, “Day 322, Passion.”

And yet, how fortunate that I had read and held words back then, writing them in my journal, and able to pull that journal off the shelf, the words of that giant lingering in my mind and needed today.


Giants they are, those

whose wisdom we consider

as words on a page,

saved from a different time

saved as needed for this time.

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