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Day 322 JanDoodle Passion

January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, I created a pattern for the prompt, “My Passion.”  

The prompt was one I side-stepped, because my real passions are social justice and writing, but right now in the United States, social justice is under attack and until things shake out a bit more, we don’t know what the average citizen can do. I can lead you to some guidance, however. The INDIVISIBLE group and movement is a starting place where they provide this downloadable guide. The election may be over, but we’re still in crisis. We, as in We– ALL the people. I hope you find solace in that information.

So I side-stepped over to art, which can and has been a place for encouraging support for social justice. Today, though, I chose wildflowers and patterning. Many years ago I wrote down this quote:

Would that the little flowers were born to live conscious of half the pleasure which they give.

William Wordsworth, 1845
My 1970s Journal from which I refound the Wordsworth quote 🙂

Had I done a bit of research back then, in the 1970s, I would have discovered the beginning of a new poetry, begun by William Wordsworth, and the beginning of awareness of spirituality beyond religion. I enjoyed learning more about the poet in This brief article in Psychology Today :

“Wordsworth was the first poet to write about spiritual experiences in a secular way, without explaining them in religious terms.”


“We feel a sense of connection to nature, to other human beings and animals, and to a deeper part of our own being. All things seem to be interconnected, too, as if they are expressions of an underlying oneness. There is a sense of meaning to life and a sense of harmony in ourselves and in the world.”

Steve Taylor Ph.D.
Out of the Darkness

Perhaps this, then, is the thinking of those who strive for social justice, rather than look to some written document of life from two thousand years ago, taken as god’s word, when God shows us in our natural world that we are all connected, and we humans have the ability to care for it and each other.

So nature is a place from which we can all connect, and the wildflowers give us back the sense of calm, that pleasure and pleasant is part of who we are and the beauty of that happiness is our search.

My Wednesday WarmUp in my Art Blog this week was “Quick Florals.” They have been my go-to to warm up and to relax when the news and the Covid bring my heart down so I find hope within their simple beauty, just as Wordsworth would.

The first eight of my quick florals over the past week

So, for my passion for nature, for connectedness, for a just humanity, I created this pattern with a few of my newly created florals. I hope you enjoy the result.

Sheri Edwards View All

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