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Day 321 Roller Skates

“Sheri-Rae, go pick up your skates,” yelled Mom.

A close enough look of a childhood home for the prompt, “Childhood Memory.” The vine-covered porch [Virginia Creeper] provided the shade for the house that cooled us in the 100 degree heat of summer. Missing is the shade from the maple tree in the neighbor’s yard and the elm trees in the boulevard. The zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos blossomed in the front gardens, and the lovely sweet peas covered the fence with the color and fragrance of a pink and purple rainbow. I forgot the bachelor buttons in front of the sweet peas, but you sense the search for pleasant, which I learned from my mother.

And, of course, the roller skates– the key lays on the sidewalk ready to unloosen the part that hasn’t already slipped off my shoe. Note the chalk line to start the races– finish line is the alley or all the way down to the corner of the block. I’m sure we are inside, getting in our swimsuits to walk down to Elks Pool [see image in this newsletter] before which my mom would yell, “Sheri-Rae, go pick up your skates.”

So if you’ve ever wondered from this song, “Why does she need a key for her roller skates?” Now, you know.

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