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Day 312 Warmth

Daily Notes

A Daily Challenge to myself: a photograph and poetry.  Today, just a look out the window at a familiar scene: the tree light all year ’round, the cat in the window, the fairy globe waiting for sundown to add another warmth to the friendly, calming lights.


Home is the place of
warmth; ambiance of lights shine
All year long in hope.

Sheri Edwards
011921 01936521
Poetry / Photography

January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, I created a block and a pattern for the prompt, “wilderness.” I loved this one. I worked quite a while on the blue/green background so it would be a pattern when duplicated. Then drawing all the little animals. The birds, fawn, mouse were all stamps I had created before, and when stamped, I can fill in and add the details. The little bunch of wildflowers — the red berries– those were added in the center after making the pattern block. My daughter-in-law loves this one! Click an image to enlarge.

Daily Create

The Daily Create #tdc3295 today asked us to create a book cover for the DS106 Book which might exist to celebrate its nine years of online creating things just like this!

Tomorrow I will breathe again. I will exhale and find hope when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in and civil discourse will begin again.

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