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Day 305 Art Joy

Daily Notes

A Daily Challenge to myself: a photograph and poetry. Today was cold and rainy. Yet in the dreary of the day, a brightness appeared, that of a painted rock placed neatly in my pear tree. Artists have a way of spreading brightness and joy into the world.


Artists find
their art
brightens faces.

This little rock certainly brightened mine!

Photography / Poetry: Sheri Edwards
Jan1221 012.365.21

January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, a site I share my art to at times, I created an illustration in a pattern for the prompt, “Handmade.”  I had a lot of fun with this one even though I do not really like the way it turned out. I created five winter “papercut” designs– framed images using the skills from Brenda Bakker’s class [see intro here.] I arranged those above a background of craft supplies to indicate the “handmade” of digital “papercuts”: scissors, rulers, glue, paper, paper cutouts, scraps of paper. Here’s how it turned out:

It was quite fun to create and took several hours. Still, I’m not sure I like it.

Daily Create

The Daily Create #tdc3288 today asked us to create a design with online tool: silk weaver. Give it a try. I know I created one years ago– but I could not find it anymore. So, I tried to create one of a heart grown from growing flowers. What do you think: Grow Love–

And, that’s the art, photography, and poetry for today. May your life be as hopeful to you.

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