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Day 302 Children

Daily Notes

A Daily Challenge to myself: a photograph and poetry. Today, with all the worrisome events, I worried about the children. Considering the events of January 6, I hope we all look to our children and choose better actions to save their future.

Hope is a prayer we hold
in days of worry told
that of our children we look instead
and choose better actions in days ahead.

Sheri Edwards, poetry, photography009.365.21

January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, a site I share my art to at times, I created an illustration in another “confetti” pattern for the prompt “Dance Party”– in two colors.

I’m not very good with drawing people– yet– so I created modified “bean” people. I hope you can turn on some music and dance with them.

Daily Create

The Daily Create today again filed through its archives to one that asks “Make a photo that looks better in black and white?”

I found one taken of coyote footprints in the frost– obviously the lights and darks show up better in black and white:

Please take care of yourself. And, if you know people still upset about the election, perhaps listen to them. Maybe that will help us heal.

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