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Day 254 NaNoWriMo The Book

Excerpts from So Says The River

The family held hands around the table, saying, “Coo ee ah; Coo quk all*,” nodding to one another, letting go of their hands, and each bringing their hands to their heart.

Casper reached out and placed his hand on top of the book, whose cover displayed the nexus, a shape of three rounded triangles centered around the fourth, like a three-petaled flower. It represented the connected worlds: fairy dimension, astral dimension, human dimension around the portal. 

Each of the four parts included a circle: 

–green portal with a yellow door; 

–the human sky blue with orange sun; 

–the fairy teal in deep pink tricks; 

–the astral blue in purple flow. 

The nexus, the balanced universes, each outlined in the yellow bond of connection.

“Where should we start?” he and Tina asked in unison. They all laughed. 

Sandra said, “Perhaps, I should retell my story again so you can add or question, since this was a very peculiar event?”

Tina and Casper nodded in agreement— it truly was THE event of the day.

As Sandra finished, Casper explained to her, “I’ve marked places based on the words you’ve used: signs, maps, memorial, agora, salon, dragon, river, boulder, oak, acorn, choke cherry, artifact. Some of the words won’t be in the stories, but you can reflect on them as you read for their significance. And add more words to this list as you think important.”

Sandra looked at her father with a tilt of the head and furrowed brows.

“Sandra, it’s your story. We, your mother and I, are not part of it, so the book won’t talk to us about it. But it will talk to you.”

*An Okanogan phrase for, “Let’s gather; let’s discuss,” as explained by Andy Joseph, Sr, elder in the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.

Day 254 of COVID Stay At Home

Day 633 of daily blogging

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month — Day 22 with 41,877 words of 50,000 over the month of November. I am 80% completed! Hooray!

In researching for my book, I discovered this fable.

Really– if we unite, we can break this. 

Fables for the United States today: The Father and His Arguing Sons

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