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Day 193 The Calm of Cats

A cat in its nature exudes hope in the moment:

a nap, a stretch, a nudge, a catch.

Whatever the moment is, the cat accepts it.

~Sheri Edwards

In my life, cats have always been the zen of calm. They live in the moment, accepting the needs of each moment:

Tired: sleep

Awaken: Stretch

Need food: Meow

A moth: catch it

An itch: clean

A sound: attend

Just watching the creatures respond to whatever is in the moment is calming, sometimes humorous, and always interesting. “What’s that cat doing now?”

And that acceptance of the moment is a faith in the hope of its success in handling the situation. That is the cat, creature of the moment, a life of hope.

So, my postcards for family this month is of the series of cat poses, watercolor style created in ProCreate and available in products from magnets and stickers to tote bags in my Nature Delights collection at my shop:

What does one write on cat postcards? Find a series of “cat wisdom” quotes, such as those here and here. I found one that fit each member of my family.

Remember, you can draw your own art on notecards and send through the mail. Check out postcard sizes and stamp rates [currently 35 cents].

Send some hope to others!

Note: Our #CLmooc group around the world is looking for hope in world filled with darkness, hence these posts #findinghope.  We even send postcards to each other. If you’d like to know more about that, just comment below.

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