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Day 186 Sunshine and Smoke

Finally, the sun shines through the smoke! I see sunshine and shadows! Still, at 291, the air is still hazardous in its smoke particles [Purple Air].

See the difference between yesterday and today:



Now you can see Grand Coulee Dam.


Thick air— no hillside visible


Barely visible, but yes: a hill!

Barely visible, but yes: a hill!

Remember to stay safe because breathing wildfire smoke is bad.

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    • Thank you, Daniel. We so far are safe, although this is the peak of fire season. Hopefully, we will have seen the worst for this year. The future for while holds all of us on the West Coast into the position of always being ready to evacuate, with only the necessities. Have a plan for where to go. I need to do that. With COVID, that is not easy anymore. Take care, too— love that you’re still helping the world be better! ~ Sheri

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