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Day 185 Smoke Continues

Still smokey in the sky. Dangerous particles lower visibility and cause breathing problems. It’s recommended to stay inside; while outside, where a good mask– N95 helps.

NOTE: The mail arrived because the Post Office gets the mail through, no matter what! Fund the Post Office now!

To show how bad this really is, here’s another photo of this same spot when it was smokey a few years ago– and we thought that was bad:

Yes, the Grand Coulee Dam is still visible, but today, it is not– and has not been since Friday. The area will remain the worst in the world for air quality until September 17th.

This is the beginning of the climate change horror stories. Vote Biden/Harris– they believe in science.


CDC: Protect Yourself from Wildfire Smoke

University of Washington Department of Ecogenetics and Environmental Health: Fast Facts Protect Yourself

The Washington State Smoke Blog

Current Washington State Air Quality

Another Air Quality Map [choose “see legend”]

Oregon Wildfire Resources

Why California Wildfires are So Destructive [5 years old, but still valid]

Union of Concerned Scientists — Wildfires and Climate Change

From Nature: …wildfires in the Mediterranean Basin

The Atlantic: Wildfires in California are 500% Larger Due to Climate Change

Purple Air— another air monitoring site [click to map]

Source: Central Washington University Office Emergency Management

Sounds of the Forest—- a project to which you can add:

For a bit of memory when we lose our forests — from Open Culture, a collection gathered from forests: Sounds of the Forests. Here’s the interactive map. And listen on SoundCloud.

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