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Day 162 Character Fun


Continuing my character journey, I was able to watch again a class by Charly Clements, Drawing Expressive Faces — it had been live on Skillshare, but was recorded and just this week uploaded as a class. It’s a quick, easy practice session using the app ProCreate.

Start with practicing some eyes, noses, mouths– here’s my version:


Next, learn a bit about color.

Choose skin color in the orange-yellow hue range– not muddied with grey. Match them up with contrasting colors that help each other pop.


To test the contrast, add a layer above, color it black and set the blend mode to saturation.  Then you’ll see this:

Character_Charly_Style_Set_Up bw

Do you see how each pair contrasts with each other?

Step 3 is to draw head/neck/body shapes and fill in with the skin colors you’ve created. Add your faces, hair, and clothes.

Practice this a lot to free the rhythm of your drawing– loosen it up and develop a memory for sketching faces.

Skillshare classes have really drawn out my skills. It’s so worth the cost.  Get two free months with this link.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Skillshare– I’ve just learned so much from the classes. You can too.


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