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Day 150 Self Portrait

self 2

#funwithfaces challenge by Skillshare teacher Charly Clements.

This isn’t part of the challenge, but I thought I’d add a self portrait into my aqua/orange themed faces series. It’s pretty close, but my hair is white!  White just didn’t look right with the colors, and I’m not sure I could get it looking right. As it is, hair is not my strong point. Well,  faces are not my strong point. This took me probably ten hours to create just my face and hair. It requires matching values, shading, gradients, noise, and transparencies, according to the shape, placement, and needed effect. There’s lots more I could do, but….. what do I always say?  I’m still learning!

Here’s a link to all my #funwithfaces posts. You can see improvement in just these. Practice. That old expression is so true… practice makes…. learning!



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