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Day 145 Sunshine 2

Brandy 3

#funwithfaces challenge by Skillshare teacher Charly Clements.

Try the challenge:


Long Bob


This was fun and challenging.  I tried to illustrate a a woman facing away from the reader’s view while turning to look over her shoulder at the viewer, as if surprised at something. That did not work, so I just had her looking to the side.

The hand. It’s OK to laugh; hands are tough. I started out with the hand on the other side so that the original intent of her looking backwards. That didn’t work, so I had to flip it and move it to the left. I did not spend a lot of time on it, because it would have taken me days to get it right. Since this is not a realistic drawing, I did the best I could after about a couple hours!

Again: the point is to improve each time and continuously learn. In this one, I learned more about “sculpting” in Affinity Designer. That means that once an original shape has been created with the pen tool, that the “sculpt” mode is activated to extend or delete parts of the shape, like the bangs of her hair.

I learned the trick with the sculpt tool for my flowers in Tracey Capone’s class. Here’s her blog and trailer:

See my first version in ProCreate here.

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