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Day 85 Stamp Out Poison


Stamp Out Poison

A bully

lies and disrespects,

spreads misinformation

and berates others

with conspiracies,

spreads disinformation,

creates chaos

while holding himself

above the law,

discriminating against

those who speak up,

dividing us,

creating unkind ways

and denying science:

stamp it as such

by speaking truth.

Stamp it out with a truth sandwich:

From George Lackoff

FrameLab · 14: Truth Sandwich Time

A Story on Left and Right

Both sides must open up to conversations and understand the extremes are few. Each side promotes an enemy: “antifa” or “far-right patriot groups.”

I found this article in TIME to be informative regarding the idea of far-right/left instigators: neither.

Neither — Stamp it as such and learn to work together by listening. Most people just want to live in their own beliefs for their families. Let’s live and let live.

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