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Day 55 5.7.2020

Flower_Moon2 small

Flower Moon, a reply to a moon poem tweet


point-one percent

wafts away invisible

a breath of the north wind

whisked  away from the moon

seen only as

fallen cherry blossom


tumbling down the street

dancing in the grass

laughing when the wind

whispers, “my

won percent”



The flow of a poem

the ideas that roam

across the miles

and nodding smiles

a reply here and there

finding the missing

to those listening

of the shared moonlight

minus a bit of delight

words alight in the air.

Such is the way of poems, sparked by a bit of light, shared to delight, replied as insight to the possible despite the improbable by way of a simple thought caught in the morning flower moon of May in a tweet:

Kevin wrote:


And Wendy replied


And Kevin wrote back with a reply from Wendy


So Kevin asked


And Greg asked for replies to “explain the missing 1% of the Flower Moon


To which replies were made, including mine:






As always, thanks to #clmooc #smallpoems for the inspiration.



Look through your texts, social media, or email. Pick out an idea to respond in a unique way such as a poem, song, or video and return the idea to the sender. If possible, invite others.

For instance, where do you think the missing .1% is in the Flower Moon?

Flower Moon on Flickr

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