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Day 6

Cat Box small

I’ve always had a cat or two — their soft purr and fur are calming. Each cat had their own personality. Abby liked the to sun in the window and Stella enjoyed purring beside me. Both of these cats, though, would run when anyone visited. Only a couple granddaughters could get close to them. They were fine for us; shy to all else.

Pippen was a fun little tabby who would walk behind our dog while we enjoyed a quiet walk in the hills. Very fun.

it’s sad when we lose a friend, but we hold our memories and enjoy the joy they bring forever. Our current kitten is one like no other cat I’ve ever met. I believe she was abandoned in an orchard because she loves apples, cabbage, and broccoli. And no one taught her to be nice to humans — she’s a year old and pretty wild, though she loves to sit between us on the couch– just don’t pet her; just listen to her loud purr. When she was very young, she was crawling and climbing everything– even the book cases. So I built her a jungle gym.

Now, there’s an idea for being at home now if you have pets: build your cat a jungle gym and your dog an obstacle course.

Or perhaps something more challenging…. My cats would  chase the dominos!

I’ve always liked things like obstacle courses and games where everyone can play and win and laugh and enjoy the goofs and successes.

Perhaps you are getting into the need for action in new ways.  Here are some interesting games to try:

41 Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games for Youngers

Cooperative Games at Home


PROMPT: What’s your favorite competitive game? cooperative game? Have you thought of making up your own?

This post is a Slice of My Life, part of a March Slice of Life by The Two Writing Teachers with tweets at #sol20.

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