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Kind on the Ness


Poems for #poetryport with #clmooc in February have me drawing, painting, doodling, and composing. Yeah, it’s not great poetry, but it is worth a read– a thought to ponder– from many who are participating and sharing in the hashtag #poetryport.

Today’s prompt is: Kindness — which I know because of the Twitter Daily Connector tweet which you can follow and where you can read all about the fun this month:


and two poems caught my eye as I pondered that important concept of kindness in the world.

First, from @dogtrax


This felt so true– flying blind these days, trying to uplift each other in chaos that drags us down in its meanness. I thought that if we aren’t building each other — all of us— all of us, then we will fall of the cliff into the depths of disaster for everyone. And, wouldn’t you know it — a new word to me: “Ness — a promontory!  That cliff of which we may tumble.

Next Greg’s tweet:

Yes: we must connect in kindness to lift us out of the darkness.

So, thanks to Kevin and Greg,  I knew I must write that poem, the one about no matter

what “kind” of person we are, we must be “kind” or fall of the “ness” into emptiness.




We are many

Each belonging

To the World

Deserving of the


Words of compassion

Each longing

To pursue happiness

Promoting with the


Blessings of Liberty

Each one and the other

To our posterity

Providing for the


Future for all—

Each, or none,

Together with, or to fall off,

Tumbling over the



Won’t you join in:

Uplift one another, all of us.

Like Wendy did:

And Greg, again:

And please join us in #poetryport with #clmooc this February.


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