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Asset Purple


New Glasses

And now, I know how to design patterns for new shirts that match! I know. How vain. The thing is, though, that my art keeps my mind off the decay of our democracy. When called, I’ll be there. I’ll vote. But for now, I’m trusting my elected officials and the process to do the right thing. Maybe you know what that means– that I’m looking for integrity and honor in the character of the person in the highest office of our land.

I’m creating assets  that can be reused, resized, recolored as a vector graphic in Affinity Designer.  Flowers, of course.  Two of my favorites to start:


Sweet Pea




Next I’ll draw bachelor buttons. I’ve drawn them before in ProCreate, but they are not able to be resized as they are raster images– based on pixels rather than points [math].

Right now, they are flat, but as I create my pattern, I’ll learn how to texturize them.

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